We keep a simple set of guiding principles at the heart of everything we do each day. This produces amazing results, every time.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act,  but a habit." 
     – Aristotle

Personalized and Customized.

Meetings and events are not a “one size fits all” commodity at Detail Planners. We create unique programs that bring your vision to life. Our focus is on what is right for your meeting or event, not what is easy.


Detail Planners is dedicated to EXCELLENCE in both process and results. You will get our best ideas, our best processes, and our best performance every day.


We not only LISTEN, we HEAR. We ask the right questions. This means that we understand your issues, your concerns, and your expectations – then translate those messages to create extraordinary events.


We pay attention to more than just the details  we anticipate and plan for multiple scenarios. We apply our creativity, EXPERIENCE, and passion to every detail to deliver the best solution and program possible.

There is No Impossible.

It's about ABILITY. The word "NO" is never an option with Detail Planners – we've got the ability to find a solution to any challenge presented.


Above all, Detail Planners is committed to developing PARTNERSHIPS. We work seamlessly as an extension of your team, delivering transparency in all we do.